Together with Solotel brings you the same high calibre attention to creating events as per its previous incarnation, Events by Aria, with the added bonus of Solotel’s diverse portfolio of venues and brands at your disposal.

From channeling the spirit of one of Solotel’s venues in a location of your choice, like recreating North Bondi Fish for your very own barefoot beach party, a wedding banquet worthy of royalty by Aria, to a gloriously long table garden lunch at Chiswick, or singing your heart out at a Goros karaoke night, Together with Solotel taps into the spirit of what makes our venues buzz, and makes it yours.

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Our extensive experience ensures that we know how to bring your ideas to life, down to the last tailored detail. We pride ourselves on listening to your vision, then delivering it with creativity and precision. Whether it’s a brand launch or an elaborate wedding, an exclusive VIP event or a corporate celebration for 900; the size, style and scale are yours to choose, let Together with Solotel take care of the rest.